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Introducing WAVES: Your Cooling + Tropical Summer Deo Hero. 😎🌊🔆

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We heard natural deodorant never works, so we made one that does.

Our award-winning formulas help to neutralize odor and absorb wetness with plant and mineral-derived ingredients.

Which scent will you choose?

Schmidt's natural deodorants combat odor and wetness without controversial chemicals like aluminum and propylene glycol. Here are some of our top sellers.

New Face Natural 2

The New Face of Natural.

We believe that the future of deodorant is in plant and mineral formulas that outperform conventional products and leave sketchy chemicals out of the equation. We all deserve healthy and reliable products that don’t let us down. Products that we trust. 

Smell good, feel good. Use a natural deodorant that actually works. And smells absolutely amazing. 👊

Which scent will you choose?
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See You In The Sun. 👋

With undertones of cool water and peaks of vibrant tropical fruit, WAVES smells as big and blue as the ocean. Available in original and sensitive skin formulas, 5% of all proceeds on sales of WAVES benefits the Portland Chapter of Surfrider Foundation and their mission to protect the world's ocean, waves, and beaches. 🌊

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Give rise to a more natural you.

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“This deodorant is what you call a game-changer. I've officially converted.”

-InStyle Magazine

"Hands-down the best natural deodorant we've ever used."

-Runner's World

"Schmidt's Deodorant will truly change your life!"

-Alicia Silverstone

"Overall Rating: Five big heart-eyed smiley face emoji."

-E! Style

"This is the natural deodorant for people who don't like natural deodorant... because it actually works."

-Allure Magazine

"I love the Schmidt’s... I’m very much a skeptic when it comes to natural deodorant and this is the s***"

- Hannah Bronfman

"Exasperated, eye-rolling teenagers terrified of the slightest social misstep, a sweating guitar player, and a beauty editor agree: YES. Schmidt’s is going to blow your mind."

-Ask Jean

"Seriously, after an entire 12 hours of wear, this stuff made me want to taste my own armpits, which is… both disgusting and a pretty good recommendation, I think."


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Schmidt's cuts no corners and avoids using controversial ingredients like aluminum in our award-winning formulas.

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