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Smell good, feel good.

Plant-powered odor protection with ingredients
like charcoal, rose, and jasmine.

Which scent will you choose?

Here are some of our top sellers.  👇

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With a scent reminiscent of freshly fallen rain, this mineral-enriched natural deodorant might just be our greatest formula yet. ️

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Our signature scents are for everyone, no matter how you identify. Smell good, feel good. 🌈✨


It’s time for toothpaste
to step it up. 

With superfood extracts, vitamins, CoQ10, and Magnolia Bark Extract.
Brush with greatness.



With plant-powered exfoliants like volcanic sand and vanilla bean. Aromatic and sudsy—without SLS or artificial fragrance.

Which scent will you choose?

You are the new face of natural.

We believe that the future of personal care is in plant and mineral-powered formulas that actually work—leaving sketchy chemicals out of the equation.

Smell good, feel good. 🙌

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"Forget avocado toast: millennials are flocking to natural deodorant."

-Fast Company

"The holy grail of natural deodorants"


“This deodorant is what you call a game-changer. I've officially converted.”


One of Kourtney Kardashian's top picks for natural deodorant.

"Eye-rolling teenagers [...], a sweating guitar player, and a beauty editor agree: YES. Schmidt’s is going to blow your mind."

-Jean Godfrey June

"I love the Schmidt’s...I’m very much a skeptic when it comes to natural deodorant and this is the s***."

-Hannah Bronfman

"Schmidt’s new Charcoal and Magnesium stick is out-of-this-world fantastic."


"It’s just a non-aluminum based earthy, artsy-fartsy deodorant that f*cking works."

-Ana Gasteyer

"My underarms smell like fresh jasmine and no BO, and I want to lick them."


"Schmidt's Deodorant will truly change your life!"

-Alicia Silverstone

"Overall Rating: Five big heart-eyed smiley face emoji."

-E! Style

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Smell good, feel good.

You deserve natural products that really work.

Aluminum-Free • Plant and mineral derived ingredients • Vegan

Cruelty-free • No artificial fragrance, SLS, or PEG