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General Information

Show answer for: Can I buy Schmidt's from a store near me?

Can I buy Schmidt’s from a store near me?

It’s pretty likely. Schmidt’s is sold in thousands of retail locations across the globe! 🌎

Check out our Store Locator to find a retailer near you.

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Show answer for: Where can I find information about placing wholesale orders?

Where can I find information about placing wholesale orders? 

We’re glad you asked! Head on over to our Wholesale page and we’ll get you set up. 👍

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Show answer for: Are Schmidt's products recyclable?

Are Schmidt’s products recyclable?

Yes! Schmidt’s soap boxes and deodorant jars are accepted anywhere recycling is practiced. Schmidt’s toothpaste tubes are recycling #7, and the caps are #5. Our deodorant sticks are also #5.

For a full list of recycling locations that accept #5 materials, check out the Gimme Five locator.

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Show answer for: How do I join Schmidt's Recycling Club™?

How do I join Schmidt’s Recycling Club™?

Head on over to our Recycling Club page to learn all about the process for returning your empty deodorant jars in exchange for free deodorant from Schmidt’s. 

Our sticks can also be accepted anywhere recycling #5 is accepted, or by most Whole Foods. For a full list of recycling locations, check out the Gimme Five locator.

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Show answer for: I’m having trouble ordering from your website.

I’m having trouble ordering from your website.

If you’re having difficulty ordering from our site, this may be remedied by refreshing the page once or twice, waiting for it to load, and ensuring you are not browsing in incognito” mode.

You’re also welcome to call us at 855 – 866-9748. We’ll help you place your order over the phone, no problem! 

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Show answer for: Is Schmidt’s a cruelty-free company?

Is Schmidt’s a cruelty-free company?

Schmidt’s products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and are certified by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (Leaping Bunny) as well as PETA. We’re also happy to say that we have been honored by the Humane Society for our efforts towards ending animal testing in America! 🐰💕

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Show answer for: How do I pay with Bitcoin?

How do I pay with Bitcoin?

After you enter your customer information, you will be directed to a new page to select your shipping and payment method. Select BitPay” and complete order’ and you’ll be taken to bitpay to finish up.

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