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May18 Do You Need Use Tongue Scraper Unsplash 1

Health + Beauty

Do You Need to Use a Tongue Scraper?

Bad breath is usually an indicator

May 3, 2018

Apr18 How Many Supplementsis Too Many Twenty 1

Health + Beauty

How Many Supplements Is Too Many?

What to do if your version of the alphabet is ashwagandha-to-zinc

April 25, 2018

Apr18 Magnesium Is Your Saviour Twenty 1

Health + Beauty

Why Magnesium is Your Self-Care Savior

It’s got major body-boosting bona fides

April 13, 2018

Mar18 Why Body Felt Best Stopped Working Out Twenty 1

Health + Beauty

Why My Body Felt Best When I Stopped Working Out

Sometimes the “unhealthy” option is actually what’s healthiest

March 16, 2018

Feb18 What Actually Is Healthy Body Unsplash 1

Health + Beauty

A 'Healthy Body' is More Than Just Shape or Size

Forget numbers on a scale

February 22, 2018

Jan18 Understanding Your Teeth Unsplash 1

Health + Beauty

Understanding Your Teeth’s Daily Grind

Why you shouldn’t just grin and bear it

February 7, 2018

Jan18 Jaj Bad Breath Unsplash 1

Health + Beauty

Just Ask Jaime: How Can I Tackle Bad Breath?

Schmidt’s Naturals Founder, Jaime Schmidt, answers your questions about a natural lifestyle

January 30, 2018

Jan18 Your Dentist Can Tell Stressed Unsplash 1

Health + Beauty

Why Your Dentist Can Tell if You’re Stressed

Consider these oral indicators that your body’s out of whack

January 19, 2018

Jan18 Toothpaste Ingredients Schmidts 1

Health + Beauty

Get to Know Your Toothpaste Ingredients

Brush with confidence

January 11, 2018

Jan18 Beating Winter Blues Unsplash 1

Health + Beauty

Beating the Winter Blues

When the weather outside is frightful, find a way to feel delightful

January 10, 2018

Jan18 Healthier Mouth Unsplash 1

Health + Beauty

Eat Your Way to a Healthier Mouth

Talk about a reason to smile

January 9, 2018

Dec17 Truth About Ss Schmidts 1

Health + Beauty

The Truth About ‘Sensitive Skin’

Getting personal with your dermis drama

December 29, 2017

Dec17 Dry Skin Tonl 1

Health + Beauty

3 DIY Moisturizing Foods for Dry Skin

Look no further than your pantry for softer skin

December 15, 2017