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We are Schmidt’s Deodorant.

Learn more about Schmidt’s beginnings in a Portland, Oregon kitchen.

Jaime Schmidt In Her Original Home Kitchen

Founder's Journey

Schmidt's started humbly in 2010 in a Portland, Oregon, kitchen, when founder Jaime Schmidt was pregnant with her son. Jaime's pregnancy brought her lifetime passion for natural body care into focus, motivating her to make products at home that would benefit her family's health. Knowing that the natural deodorant offerings on the market were falling short of consumer expectations, Jaime made it her mission to change the way people think about deodorant, refusing to compromise any effectiveness when developing her formula.

Schmidts Original Packaging

A New Kind of Deodorant

Schmidt's investment in research and testing proved to be invaluable when the resulting formula was confirmed to effectively neutralize odor and wetness, felt fantastic on skin, and smelled incredible. Compelled by a mounting customer demand, Jaime introduced Schmidt's Deodorant to local co-ops, farmer's markets and retail stores. The response to Schmidt's innovative natural formula was overwhelming, leading to a surge of interest as local markets began to carry and quickly sell out of stock.

Viral word of mouth about the product's effectiveness spread, and drew the attention of entrepreneur Michael Cammarata, who elevated the young company with his enthusiasm and track record of helping grow emerging brands. In just a few short years, Schmidt's could be found in hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide. As the company grows, Schmidt's remains true to its humble beginnings, and is committed to always putting customers and ingredients first.

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Change the way you think about natural

2017 is the year that Schmidt's expands the scope of our original mission to "Change the way people think about deodorant" to include new innovations throughout the bathroom and household. Look forward to new product lines, deodorant line extensions, and national retail availability.

Many of you have been there from the beginning, seeing the brand grow from its humble roots, and many are new to the Schmidt's family. We want to send a heartfelt thanks to you all for joining us in our new mission to "Change the way you think about natural."

We believe that the future of natural is in quality formulas that outperform their counterparts without compromising on ingredients. In an industry that's left users wanting more, we're committed to raising the bar and setting new standards for natural. We are Schmidt's Naturals.

To be continued...  😊

Ingredients First

Schmidt's cuts no corners by avoiding controversial and filler ingredients for our award-winning formulas.

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