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Jaime Schmidt

Founder and Chief Product Officer, Schmidt's Naturals

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Success is defined differently for Jaime Schmidt. Her success is dependent on the mission for providing uncompromising, natural products for women, men and families everywhere – and she has done just that. As founder and CPO of Schmidt's Naturals, the Portland-based natural body care brand, Jaime has always led a conscious lifestyle, but it wasn’t until she became a Mom that she transformed her passion into a business.

Want to learn more about Jaime's humble beginnings in a Portland, OR kitchen?

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When launching Schmidt’s Naturals with deodorant, Jaime’s biggest obstacle was overcoming the market’s perception that natural products are “ineffective.” She had to redefine the way people thought about the natural industry. From farmer's market booths to big big box retailers, Schmidt’s Naturals is now regarded as one of the most disruptive personal care brands in the market, available now in 8,000+ retailers including Target, Walmart, Kroger, Meijer, and Whole Foods.

By injecting enthusiasm into the traditionally not-so-exciting deodorant market, Schmidt’s has spread like wildfire and blossomed into a social media phenomenon, with over 450,000 followers online.

Jaime Schmidt and Michael Cammarata received the Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2017 Award in the Retail and Consumer Goods category in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more.

To contact Jaime Schmidt, please reach out to [email protected].

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