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Apology to the Antiperspirant Industry

by Schmidt's Naturals

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Underarm Care

The personal care industry is evolving more rapidly than ever, being driven by consumers who are increasingly educated and demanding the highest level of transparency from brands they support. With natural products finally coming to the forefront of the personal hygiene industry, the deodorant category is of course evolving with it.

This means that among many, antiperspirants are becoming less and less popular. Some supporters of this trend have pointed to studies that suggest a link to aluminum (the ingredient in antiperspirant that clogs your underarm pores) possibly contributing to breast cancer, kidney problems, and brain disorders such as Alzheimers. As a result, it’s no surprise that antiperspirants are starting to take a back seat to a more natural approach to underarm care.


While there are no decisive studies confirming a link between antiperspirant use and problematic health issues, at Schmidt's, we preach a better safe rather than sorry approach to your deodorizing routine. Our body's process of sweating is natural and healthy, so bring it on! However, let's be clear on one thing--most people don't like tons of wetness in their underarm area. That's why we use plant-based powders and mineral-derived ingredients to help reduce odor and wetness. We're all about allowing your body to sweat, while helping to keep you dry at the same time.

With a scent reminiscent of freshly fallen rain, Schmidt's latest innovation combines the best of our standard and sensitive skin formulas.

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So where does this leave the antiperspirant industry? If these trends continue, it isn't hard to imagine a world in which humanity has abandoned antiperspirants completely. No blame there--it's just that consumers are more aware of health concerns than they were last century, and it's time to make a change. So we're sorry, antiperspirant industry--but moving forward, we're going to do our part to keep things natural.

Ready to join the Anti-Antiperspirant movement? Try one of our award-winning natural formulas like Bergamot + Lime, or the innovative Charcoal + Magnesium, with a scent reminiscent of freshly fallen rain.

Schmidt's Care Tips should not be considered medical advice. If you have any questions, please consult a physician. Schmidt's does not claim that there aluminum is decisively linked to negative health effects, but instead preaches a better safe than sorry approach to underarm care.

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