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Charcoal + Magnesium: Schmidt’s Best Formula Ever?

by Schmidt's Naturals

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Underarm Care

Schmidt’s Naturals is thrilled to announce the arrival of a new member to our family of products: Charcoal + Magnesium.

This brand-new deodorant provides the same results you’ve come to expect from Schmidt’s, allowing you to neutralize odor and wetness naturally and effectively. But Charcoal + Magnesium goes a step further by by combining two of our shining star ingredients for the first time ever: magnesium (from our Sensitive Skin Formula), and sodium bicarbonate (from our Regular Formula). Talk about putting together the best of both worlds. On top of that, we’re stepping it up with the introduction of our new hero ingredient: charcoal.


Activated charcoal is renowned for its use of the process known as adsorption (yep, with a "d") to soak up moisture and toxins as they leave the body. Magnesium remains one of the most precious minerals in the world, maintaining vital functions in our body as an electrolyte and aiding in the production of enzymes and antioxidants.

With a scent reminiscent of freshly fallen rain, Schmidt's latest innovation combines the best of our standard and sensitive skin formulas.

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And how's it smell, you ask? We like to describe it as the scent of freshly fallen rain. Vaporous, mild, wispy--and oh so soothing. You might have to resist the temptation to rub a little on your neck or behind the ears. We can't get enough of it, with many on the Schmidt's team already proclaiming it to be their all-time fav.

Alongside Schmidt’s award-winning formulas of natural ingredients, we think Charcoal + Magnesium is the latest and greatest  innovation in wetness and odor protection. We bet you’re going to love it. Don’t just take our word for it: consider signing up for our Subscription service, which will get you early access to this new product as well as exclusive promos and free shipping in the USA.

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