Is your deodorant falling short on promises of its "all day stay"? How often do you feel like you’ve sweat straight through it, or it’s completely vanished and you need an emergency application? 

We're all dependent on our deodorant for some of the most important hygiene habits—odor and wetness protection—so making it last through the day is key. Here are some tips to help maximize your natural deodorant's staying power.

  1. Make sure you’re applying to dry skin. Applying deodorant to wet skin might not give your body enough time for absorption, and could reduce its effectiveness.
  2. Speaking of wet skin, wait a few minutes to apply when you're fresh out the shower—especially if you’ve just shaved and your pores are still open. We all need a break sometimes, and so do our underarms.
  3. To avoid deodorant build up, first, give your underarms a good sudsing to cut through oil and dirt. Then, apply deo to fresh, clean skin and use just a few swipes rather than layering it on.
  4. Don't stress—many of us produce sweat and odor when we experience a lot of physical or mental pressure. Take moments to use coping skills like deep breathing and taking a break when you find your stress levels rising. Otherwise, your body odor might add to the anxiety you're already experiencing.
  5. With natural deodorant, it can be helpful to let the product warm softly on contact with body heat before applying. This increases the absorbability of the product so that it can easily glide onto your skin.

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