Schmidt’s is delighted to announce the launch of Earth + Wood, our sophisticated and grounding autumnal deodorant, produced in collaboration with essential oil purveyor Edens Garden, with a scent formulated by Doctor Robert Pappas.

Inspired by the transition into fall, Earth + Wood delivers depth and intrigue. Sexy notes of vetiver, earthy cedarwood, and spicy accents of damiana give rise to a complex, harmonious aroma. Available in both Original and Sensitive Skin formulas.

schmidt's earth and wood and earth and wood sensitive skin formula deodorants on a rock

Here’s to fall.

The partnership between Edens and Schmidt’s is also the story of two female entrepreneurs, Jaime Schmidt of Schmidt’s Naturals and Grace Martin of Edens Garden. Driven by unique perspectives on naturals and an obsession with incredible, exotic aromas, founders Jaime and Grace have transformed their passions into successful businesses within their respective industries. 

The two founders collaborated closely to select an essential oil aroma that is truly evocative of the autumn season, intended to take fans on a sensory journey unlike that of any of our other scents.

two women in grassy plain with schmidt's earth and wood deodorant in back pocket

Sexy notes of vetiver, earthy cedarwood, and spicy damiana all packed into one.

With the release of Earth + Wood, we celebrate the achievements of our inspiring leaders and welcome the oncoming season. All while smelling great, naturally.

Earth + Wood is available in both Original and Sensitive Skin formulas, now through the holidays.