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Dec17 Warm Up To Matcha Unsplash 1


Why You Should Warm Up to Matcha

Demystifying the time-honored benefits of the insanely healthy green tea

December 27, 2017

Dec17 Tech Time Tonl 1


How to Reclaim Your (Tech) Time

A digital detox expert helps you get control of your digital life

December 14, 2017

Dec17 Holistic Holiday Tips Tonl 1

Health + Beauty

A Holistic Coach's No. 1 Tip for Holiday Health

The self-care guide you can give to yourself

December 11, 2017

Dec17 Brushing Basics Unsplash 1

Health + Beauty

How Do You Brush Your Teeth?

Step up your oral hygiene with these techniques

December 7, 2017

Dec17 Just Ask Jamie Schmidt 2

Health + Beauty

Just Ask Jaime: How Do I Cure the Common Cold?

Schmidt’s Naturals Founder, Jaime Schmidt, answers your questions about a natural lifestyle

December 4, 2017

Dec17 Gender Free Selfcare Sah Dsimone 1


Why Self-Care Is Gender Neutral

Setting aside a few minutes each day for yourself isn’t just for women

December 4, 2017

Los Angeles Saban Clinic 2800X1000Px


Celebrating 50 Years of Saban Community Clinic

Schmidt’s Naturals contributes to ongoing free health services in the Los Angeles community

November 17, 2017

Natural M Jillian B


Behind the Label with Illustrator Jillian Barthold

The artist behind WAVES and Schmidt’s holiday labels talks inspiration

November 13, 2017

Natural M Gamer


How a Video Game Made Me A Teenage Millionaire

StarCraft gave me the keys to growing a business

November 10, 2017

Natural M Holiday


‘Tis the Season to Smell Absolutely Incredible

Introducing the Schmidt’s Naturals Holiday Collection

November 6, 2017

Natural Skinpollution Header

Health + Beauty

How to Save Your Skin from Pollution

Because a clean city is hard to come by

November 3, 2017

Natural M Beauty Buzzwords


Breaking Down Natural Beauty Buzzwords

When it comes to natural products, labels matter

November 1, 2017

Natural M Body Hair


Body Hair, Don’t Care?

Why more young women are shunning shaving and embracing body hair

October 30, 2017