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Feb18 Treating Energywith Energy Unsplash 2


How Reiki Helps Us Reduce Stress

Do you believe in energetic magic?

February 23, 2018

Jan18 Jaj Bad Breath Unsplash 1

Health + Beauty

Just Ask Jaime: How Can I Tackle Bad Breath?

Schmidt’s Naturals Founder, Jaime Schmidt, answers your questions about a natural lifestyle

January 30, 2018

Jan18 Behind Science Smiling Unsplash 1


Behind the Science of Smiling

Careful, it's contagious

January 29, 2018

Jan18 10 Second Life Hack Unsplash 1


The 10-Second Life Hack Worth Your Time

If you can breathe, you can do it

January 25, 2018

Jan18 Finding Right Yoga Class Tonl 1


Finding the Right Yoga Class

Decode the language of four popular yoga styles

January 24, 2018

Jan18 Jaj Unsplash 1


Just Ask Jaime: What’s the Best Way to Start a Productive Day?

Jaime Schmidt answers your questions about a natural lifestyle

January 23, 2018

Jan18 Your Dentist Can Tell Stressed Unsplash 1

Health + Beauty

Why Your Dentist Can Tell if You’re Stressed

Consider these oral indicators that your body’s out of whack

January 19, 2018

Jan18 Luxuries Bathroom Oasis Unsplash 1


4 Simple Luxuries for a Bathroom Oasis

It is called a “rest room” after all

January 17, 2018

Jan18 Skin Acceptance Movement Tonl 1


Why More People are Embracing Their Breakouts

The skin acceptance movement is so over pimple shaming

January 12, 2018

Jan18 Toothpaste Ingredients Schmidts 1

Health + Beauty

Get to Know Your Toothpaste Ingredients

Brush with confidence

January 11, 2018

Jan18 Beating Winter Blues Unsplash 1

Health + Beauty

Beating the Winter Blues

When the weather outside is frightful, find a way to feel delightful

January 10, 2018

Jan18 Switching To Naturals Unsplash 1


Switching to Naturals? Create Space Without the Waste

How to safely dispose of toxic toiletries

January 10, 2018

Jan18 Healthier Mouth Unsplash 1

Health + Beauty

Eat Your Way to a Healthier Mouth

Talk about a reason to smile

January 9, 2018