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The Best Way to Put on Deodorant

by Schmidt's Naturals

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Underarm Care

While the process of applying deodorant might seem self-explanatory, there's actually a pretty substantial margin of error. Thankfully, the Schmidt's team has identified a few simple hacks you can implement to optimize your routine. Our guide will help not only to increase the effectiveness of your deodorant, but also to minimize irritation to the sensitive underarm area. Let's get into it.

1. DON'T OVERAPPLY Our deo is a bit different. A little goes a long way! We designed our formula to be applied in small amounts to avoid problems like staining or stickiness. Put on the brakes and start smaller than usual--try just a couple swipes for starters. We know you might be used to slathering on deodorant, but trust us on this one. You'll be glad you did.

2. ABSORPTION IS EVERYTHING Product will soften upon contact with body heat. Once it is warmed, apply gently to the skin. This helps the natural ingredients absorb more completely and evenly so you get the best protection and avoid irritation to the delicate underarm area. 

3. BEWARE MICROABRASIONS Be careful with that razor! Shaving causes microscopic cuts to your skin, and applying deodorant immediately afterwards can irritate them. Be sure to give your underarms some breathing time after shaving, and swap out that razor regularly to get the cleanest shave.

4. KEEP IT FRESH Keep those underarms clean! Be sure to lather up and wash thoroughly to eliminate oils and bacteria that can contribute to body odor--giving your underarms some regular TLC goes a long way. 

5. SMELL GOOD, FEEL GOOD Breathe in deeply and take in the invigorating scent you just applied. Go on with your day in confidence thanks to Schmidt’s natural odor and wetness protection. You’re smelling fantastic, and you know it.



Schmidt's Care Tips should not be considered medical advice. If you have any questions about your underarm health, please consult a physician.

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