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We Tried Wellness, an original podcast from The Natural, takes on the latest and greatest trends in wellness and discusses their merits. Our podcast is all about investigating practical tips and hacks we come across on social media and in our communities, and seeing how they fit into our lifestyle. Each episode, we'll try a wellness trend and talk to influencers and experts in the field. 

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Episode 4: Kait Hurley + We Tried Meditation

Chasing perfection is something Kait Hurley knows all too well. "Mental health doesn't necessarily look like someone who can't get out bed every day... people who are struggling are high achieving," the former competitive distance runner and fitness marketer tell us. After figuratively hitting a wall, Kait introduced meditation into her life and has since taken control of her own mental health while helping others through her signature Move + Meditate method. In this episode, Kait walks Jillian and Alison through her method and how mental health doesn't look the same for everyone. But first, the hosts discuss what's been exciting them lately (adaptogens, cooking, and more). And later, Jillian and Alison talk about their experience trying meditation for themselves.

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