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What’s the Difference? Jar vs. Stick

Find out which type of natural deodorant is best for you

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Walking down the personal care aisle, you'll mostly find traditional deodorant in the form of a stick. But did you know that back in 1888 a brand called “MUM” trademarked the first deodorant as a cream, killing odor-producing bacteria and was sold in a jar? Through the intersection of time and technology, we have developed natural deodorant fit for both jars and sticks. Here at Schmidt’s, our natural deodorant formulas are similar, but the ingredients and ratios differ slightly based on what type of container we’re delivering to you. Find out what those key differences are and whether you’re on #TeamStick or #TeamJar.

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Natural Deodorant in a Jar

The Schmidt’s Naturals deodorant jar is our first formula. It’s tried and true and many who have been with us since the beginning are still #TeamJar (thanks, you guys!). By using a jar, you can get the full experience of the application process by using the mini spatula found in each container. Scoop a little out, warm it between your fingers to soften, and apply. Using jar deodorant helps ensure you’re getting the coverage and protection you need because you are applying directly by hand.

Jar deodorant also has its aesthetic benefits. First off, it’s so pretty (just saying 💁). Placing a jar on your bathroom vanity can help give you some extra street cred for when you have guests over, and makes for stunning Instagram pics. Plus, the Schmidt’s jar is made from recyclable glass, which means you can prevent odor and protect the environment at the same time.


Schmidt’s has a Recycling Club you can join. Once you’ve emptied out five jars, you can return them back to Schmidt’s and we’ll set you up with a freebie. From there, Schmidt’s sanitizes and reuses your empty jars and you can continue smelling fresh.

Stick Jar

Natural Deodorant in a Stick

deodorant stick may be familiar, but it is also luxurious at the same time. The main difference between a Schmidt’s jar and a stick is that our sticks have coconut oil and candelilla wax to help create that sumptuous glide. Stick deodorants are also slim, so they can fit easily in the nooks and crannies of your drawers, medicine cabinets, or handbag. Not that you’d want to hide it.


Schmidt’s BPA-free deodorant sticks are also 100% recyclable. Sanitation process limitations prohibit us from currently including sticks in the recycling club, but we encourage you to recycle your deodorant sticks on your own according to your local recycling guidelines.

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