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Why Millennials Are Ditching Antiperspirants in Droves

by Schmidt's Naturals

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Growing up in the first generation completely immersed in the Internet age has its advantages. It should come as no shock that millennials are more connected to the online world than any other age group, spending around 14.5 hours each week on their smartphones according to marketing research.

While that adds up to a lot of tweets and selfies, it also means that they’re often more informed than their older peers. Millennials are passionate about issues like social justice and the environment--and they are also concerned about the health and safety of the personal care products they use.

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A growing number of millennials inspect labels to avoid applying potentially harmful ingredients to their person. As a result, they are demanding high standards of quality and transparency from natural product manufacturers, seeking ingredient panels free of controversial chemicals and other nasty additives.

That includes their choice of deodorant. Millennials are quickly learning about how antiperspirants stop sweat by using of aluminum to block the pores and prevent your body's natural process of sweating. To avoid this controversial ingredient, they’re seeking out natural products that provide the same types of protection but with ingredients you can understand, like arrowroot powder or magnesium. It’s a green solution and "better safe than sorry" attitude that offers peace of mind around your daily beauty regimen.

If you’re concerned about what’s in your antiperspirant, think about making the switch to natural deodorant like Schmidt’s. We offer scents like Bergamot + Lime and Lavender + Sage, available in stick applicators and in sustainable glass jars.

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